That PR Campaign is DOPE!


Photo via Compfight

It takes a lot of time and energy to construct the perfect campaign. Just like it takes an athlete practice to become perfect. If you think about it, they both go hand in hand. Well, not really but they both have one thing in common for sure and that’s a goal! PR can be publicity tactics or paid advertising. However, an epic campaign have three main characteristics: objective, message to achieve that certain object and a target audience.


An outstanding campaign will have a clear objective. It will consist of you being more specific in what it is that you are doing for the company. For example, when raising awareness for a specific product, you could talk about the company increasing the sale of that product. This not only makes it easier to focus on the goal but it helps to quantify its success.


Just like reading a text message. When you are responsible for getting the word out to the people, you don’t want to be held accountable for misspelled words and misunderstood messages. Have a clear error and free message for the organization to communicate. Also, try to be concise without losing precision. This shall help the audience take action to your message!

Target Audience:

Some campaigns target the entire population but majority focus on making a connection with a specific group. You would want this group to fell special like the message if directed directly to them. For example, I love to shop at Kroger’s for all my groceries. I would want them to send me coupons and freebies because that is of my interest. I wouldn’t want to keep receiving annoying messages about shopping at Meijer’s grocery store because it is not in my area and I don’t have interest in it.

With that being said, you just have to be very careful when constructing a campaign. There are a lot of factors that can affect the success of an epic campaign. Keep in mind that it operates on a planned budget so the money is spent in the most effective way. The best thing to do is go in with a plan in mind to achieve the ultimate goal!


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