Fall 2015 Comments

Sept. 20th

Karissa Nelson – For your first time I think you did a good job! As time progresses I’m sure you will improve in your writing and enthusiasm. All you have to do is be yourself. Develop a voice that will reflect your personality. It is also important to do your research to browse different topic that holds your audiences attention. I wish you the best of luck with adopting a new hobby for blogging. If you need help, Im just one blog away lol 🙂

Sept. 28- Mallory K.

While researching the format of a perfect campaign for my blog, I came across some of these. The one that I did not come across that I like from your blog is the medium of communication. It is similar to having a target audience in a way because if you want a certain audience for your blog you have to know how to attract them. For instance, our generation will definitely prefer social media over any other form of medium. Next up, would be word of mouth lol!

Oct. 4th

Professional Blog Comment: M&J Trimming – Tis’ the season! I love scarfs and this article just gave me so much inspiration to my fall collection. I will consider admiring some of your style tips to enhance my daily wardrobe. I am glad to have viewed this blog. Keep me updated with new styles 🙂

Mallory K. -btownblonde :Thank you for shedding some light on my career options. Some of your tips I did not find when i was doing my research but majority of them I did. I wish you the best at luck with pursuing public relations now that you have discovered PRSSA.


Evan Martin – I like how you directed your focus on research around the ability to construct and present in the workforce. Some of the key point you mentioned I also cited in my blog. Overall, you made a strong connection and I believe people will understand how important it is to properly search and present research and how it can open many door in the future if they were to read your blog.

Science of Mom -This post really got to my heart. I have a two year old daughter and I can’t make out half the stuff she tries to tell or ask me. I know when that time comes that I can actually understand her, I will become you in the sense of parenting. Gun violence is really becoming more of an overlooked issue that needs to be addressed. It’s hard losing a loved one to gun violence but having to answer a toddler’s question about death is scarier. My childhood friend that was murdered by gun violence has a daughter that had a dream before he died of him dying then when he died her mother had to explain to her at the funeral he was asleep. She still ask “Mommy, when is daddy going to wake up?” It just makes you sacred to even know that they want to know about it. It’s also better to teach them young so they can be aware because mommy or daddy won’t be there all the time and it is so crazy people in the world.

October 25th

AleeshaKeanne – I want an epic Pres Release

I really enjoyed the last example in this blog. I do believe targeting a specific audience is very important when conducting as press release. I like how you use language for and example because a few press releases that I read were way too professional. I always find myself googling words out of every other sentence to make sure I’m gaining a full understanding. Overall, great blog 🙂

The Science of Mom – Should Your Baby Sleep…

Wow! Great read. I am no experiencing the consequences of bedsharing with my child. My daughter is 2 years old and has only slept in her own room twice throughout the night. Have been trying to make her room as comfortable for her as possible. I don’t think it would’ve been that much of . an issue had we not shared rooms/beds together since birth. She is a very wild sleeper. Also, you had a lot of good sources to support your claims. I like how you also put parents comments also. All around great read and perfect for me at this point in time 🙂

November 1st

Poetreecreations.org – This poem really moved me. It touched my heart because my mother is “My Angel In The Sky.” The many thoughts I do have of her seem, to fade away with time but when I read heart warming things like this, they reappear. I can relate to every line within this poem. I am actually so pleased that I stumbled across this because I was just having a down moment. Now that I have a little motivation I can move forward with a few things because I know she will be proud of me.

Evan Davis PR Professional – I like that you used a story format to produce your interview. I also like that you used an alumni to focus on because not many graduates use their degree for what they have a degree in. This interview had a few bold point that i enjoyed as well. I liked his three advice tips and that he knows how to portray himself in a presentable manner for a good first impression of himself or who he is representing. (You might want to fix the hyperlink) Overall, good job!

November 9, 2015

Time News – I don’t blame him for his decision. You should not work somewhere if you are not respected or accepted by majority. He made the right decision before his actions got the best of him for holding on longer than he could. Please be aware that “Staff” (setaff) was misspelled within his quoted words.

Aleesha Keanne Blog– I am in agreement with Evan. I don’t think they handled the recall in the best way possible. I would have definitely filed a lawsuit. I have Chevy and they have more recalls than i can imagine. So far, I have had about 5. The one that worried me the most was the “Power Steering.” They fixed it with no problems asked. Chrysler should have took notes from other companies lol


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