About the Author!

Hello, I am Raven Wilson. The author of this blog. I am quite indecisive on my career path because I have a variety of specialties. Once I receive my degree I plan to go grad school for Business Administration. My sister and I are the first two in our immediate family to attend college. Our family is small and we do not have any family businesses. I think going into business in grad school will help me one step further to owning my own small business. Outside of school, I am a CNA and Home Health Aide. This is the first step to my career considering I want to be the primary provider for my own clients. I am also into fashion, social media, arts and crafts and being a positive role model to others. I have a 2 year old daughter named Alani. As a backup plan, I always wanted to be an elementary education teacher. Owning my own daycare would be nice too. As far as PR, I hope to get an internship helping me further my studies. I transitioned from multimedia as a concentration last year and jumped into PR because I didn’t feel broadcasting was for me anymore. I’m not sure of all the things I  can do with PR or the right routes to take but upon graduation or a little bit after I will have a definite plan. I am hoping this course will shine some light on my decision.


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