If The Headline Suck, Don’t Release It!

poor headline quote

Photo via Monitive

A press release is any type of announcement released by a company to the media. It is usually local newspapers and editors of an online newsletters and/or blogs. These announcements can take many forms. A few examples of the types of press releases are:
• Now hiring
• Employee promotions
• New product or service announcements
• New contract announcement
• Announcements related to health or safety issues
• Announcements of awards
• Sales goal announcements
The key to getting one’s press release actually chosen up by the press is to make sure it is actually newsworthy material. Too often, what is news to a company isn’t always news to anyone else. So a good press release should address the question: Why is this news? A great way to keep you on track would be to follow a guideline and knowing what audience you are speaking too. I did some research and found some helpful tips that would publish a good press release.
1. Focus on good, clean writing – Make sure that your press release is constructed with clarity. You have to write in a way that the reader would understand.
2. Headlines and subheads matter – Every headline need to be eye catchy. In other words, you have to create a headline that captures the reader attention to want to read more. Be sure to focus on headlines that meet your audiences need rather than using key words for them to search.
3. Hyperlink – A well optimized release will hyperlink key words. This will help the reader be directed to other resourceful information that they find interesting. For example, I would hyperlink “Headlines for PR release” to redirect readers to a page with vivid details as to what a good headline for PR would be.

Be sure to do your own additional research to find out ways to develop a worthy press release 🙂


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