FYI: Do Your Research!

Photo Cred by Ben

I’m sure you are one of many that hates to see “Don’t keep scrolling without typing Amen,” on a photo shopped Facebook picture of a child with a photo shopped tumor right? Me too. That is why the importance of research cannot be stressed enough. It is unethical to not reveal nothing but factual evidence in the marketing industry. As a publicist, everything presented shall be faithfully spoken in order for your audience to believe it. How can you provide supportive information without doing a background check first? Not long ago, Brian Williams, a journalist for NBC was suspended for six months because he fabricated one of his news stories. Which then caused suspicion in how many other stories he lied about.

Furthermore, there are two types of research, secondary and primary. Primary research is conducted by you, your agency or client. Secondary research is conducted by a third party, and can be pulled from a source via book, online etc. Whether you are doing field research or book research, it has to substantiate your claim. Communication and strategy are considered the most valuable skills in public relations. However, one cannot put those skills to use without a foundation of research and information gathering. Public Relation has skyrocketed since social media has become majority of the world’s first resources for validating information. I mean, social media is everyone’s daily hobby except the older crowds that relies on the news and or certain broadcasting stations for their news updates. From personal experience, social media should not be your first line of defense when trying to support a claim. There has been multiple times when I have taken some information off Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram and ran with it. Anyone can make a post believable if the viewers are gullible enough to believe it. For Instance, all the Facebook articles and pictures people love to share but are too naive to realize they are fake. If I have interest in the story I would refer to Google News or related articles for accurate information. I recommend that you always do some sort of research because you don’t want to be penalized for revealing false information to the public. If it did not come straight from the horse’s mouth itself, don’t believe it.


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