My First Bite At Blogging


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Hello subscribers! I’m Raven the new blogger on the block. I’m not a fan at blogging and the closest I have ever been to blogging was probably a lengthy Facebook post of 200 words. I  am currently studying Communication 368, public relations, at Indiana State University. I have done a little research on how to make my blog pop. I will be sharing a few helpful tips with you on what I found to make not only your passion for blogging intense but how to gain subscribes. Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have the hang of this. Bare with me as I attempt to keep the level of interest flowing.

Tip 1:  You have to adopt to a certain audience. Everyone has a separate audience that they chose to become the voice for. By keeping your ears and eyes open around the things that held your interest, you can potentially get some ideas. Ideas can be topics, thoughts or even suggestions for a change. Get engaged on social media and read people tweets and comments to see how you can make their feedback come to life. I found this helpful information from Belle Beth Cooper.  Check her out and subscribe!

Tip 2: Tell your story! This is important to do because it will make you stand out from the rest of the bloggers in the world. You have to simply “Be Yourself!” Ok, that wasn’t a good things to say because some people don’t have filters lol. Just make sure you are giving the blog as much of your natural self as possible. Add some emotions. Your subscribers need to be able to feel the words. By the way, Darren Rowse came up with this helpful tip.

Tip 3: Be consistence! Consistency is the key to everything. Give your subscribers the respect of blogging at least once a day. If you want to do it twice a week or even once a week, make sure to keep the pattern that you started with. If you do chose to change the way you are issuing the word, be sure to inform the readers. If this was helpful check out Kim Roach!


One thought on “My First Bite At Blogging

  1. Hi Raven,

    I think your three steps on becoming a successful blogger are really good. I also really like the title of your blog post. It is super catchy. Back to the three steps, I think the most important one is how you said tell your story and be yourself. I am as you are, knew to thins whole blogging thing. I so think posts can be a lot more exciting the more people are able to put their personalities into it. I am currently struggling with this, but as time goes on I hope to get better. let’s hope we can both accomplish this knew blogging thing.

    Good luck,



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