What Would A Publicist Do?


Miranda Warning via truestorieslaworder

What is ethics? Ethics is the branch of study dealing with the proper course of actions for a person or group. At a more fundamental level, it is the method by which we categorize our values and pursue them. The principle behind professional ethics is that one’s actions are designed to create the greatest good for both the client an community.
In a case study that I just ran across with the 12-year old boy that allegedly is at fault for his own death is absolutely unethical on behalf of the City of Cleveland because they gave him no time to reveal himself before taking action. Apparently, Tamir Rice (the 12 year old boy) was holding a toy firearm near a recreational center. A rookie cop with previous complaints of poor performance fatally shot Tamir upon arrival.

The president of Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association, Steve Loomis, made the comment “Tamir Rice is in the wrong,” His reason being was because Rice was 5-feet-7, 191 pounds. This comment put the icing on the cake for Rice’s family and community members. The comment along with the meaning and actions was unethical on so many levels. Was it right? No. It was also unfair, uncaring and irresponsible. Rice’s family attorney, Walter Madison, describes his comment as another example of victim-blaming prior to similar situations.

In my opinion, Rice should not have been playing with a toy gun in public because people are quick to make assumptions. Especially with him being a young African American male he is always going to be suspect. The patrolman should have allowed him a chance to surrender and or at least read him his rights. I feel this was a racial judgment issue along with holding him accountable for his own uneducated childish behavior. It was not up to the patrolman to make that decision from his own perspective. He should have though long term about the consequences.

“C’mon!  We’re talking about a child here. No matter his height or weight, what grown armed police office is really intimidated by a child? HuffPost live have asked Cleveland Police Department to comment but they have yet to do so. Yet, another form of unethical behavior because the public will now see the guilt and or resentment behind the actions of Cleveland Police Department.


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