Need to vent? Blog it out!


Photo Credit via Compflight Who said blogging can’t become your best friend? I know, it seems awkward right? Totally agree! In order to find your love and passion for blogging, you can’t just spit out what you actually feel. Well you can because originality and personality is what attracts viewers. However, you have to be able to communicate effectively in order for your messages to reach a variety of audiences. I’m not a blogger myself. I just began my journey a few seconds ago but along the way I ran across some useful tips that will assist you with expressing your message professionally.

Rule #1: Discover the Perfect Theme

Picture your blog theme as a boundary. Its alright to switch the subject ever so often when writing a blog but not, too often. I understand when expressing our feelings, we tend to use various examples to make a point but its important to stick to one topic. You don’t want your readers to get lost in the mix. For instance, if you choose to write blog about fashion, do not drift off to writing about furniture and so on in your future post. Your viewers obviously subscribed to your blog for fashion tips, not furniture ideas . By using a theme, it’ll give you the perfect structure. You get the picture?

Rule #2 Spice it up

Be creative. Give your readers something to look forward too by doing unusual things to keep your subscribers entertained. Actually, go out into the real word and collect different forms of data. Do interviews with popular celebrities. Explorer your options of becoming the next best blogger. Use different writing techniques and voice tones.  You don’t want to bore people with that same dull monotone do you? No, i didn’t think so! Add some flare to your blog and bring out your unique personality.

Rule #3 Meet and Greet

Do all bloggers actually know their subscribers? Absolutely not! However, that’s where the line start that separates you from others. Meeting a complete stranger can be beneficial either to you or them in some way. Be a blogger that actually engage with their subscribers. There are many viewers that will disagree with things you post, but all criticism is not bad criticism. Take sometime to give and or receive feedback from your subscribers. Be sure to respond effectively with via email or comment. Everyone could use an extra hand!

Most importantly, be consistent. If you start a blog, be sure to keep the stories rolling. What you air can either gain you subscribers or cause you a melt down. If you choose to blog daily, that’s fine! Maybe monthly? or weekly? But don’t choose daily then decide to skip a blog for a whole week. Which ever you choose just remember to have fun and keep your subscribers on the edge of their seats!


2 thoughts on “Need to vent? Blog it out!

  1. Raven this has giving me more incite as to how I can become a better blogger. I am definitely going to use these tips because at first I thought I would be a bit to off topic for certain blog assignments I may receive. However with a little creativity and proper guidance, this can actually turn out to be a legit hobby for me. Great JOB!

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  2. Hey Raven, great tips! I feel my self control flutter when I suddenly have inspiration for 5 posts in a 2 days period, I’m usually good about fighting it back long enough to stay at my normal blogging pace. Then when I finally hit publish….I scream “TA-DA!!!” in my head.
    Is that just me?
    Anyways, I’d love for you to share a post over at my Tuesday link up next week, if you’re interested!



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